Buttermilk Cake

A buttermilk cake is topped with ripe blueberries, juicy. It is a classic American dessert. It is a thick buttery yellow cake which is covered with raspberry butter cream and covered in soft vanilla Swiss butter cream. This cake has an alluring aroma from the sweet butter and the dairy buttermilk.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time      : 35 minutes

Total Time           : 45 minutes

Nutritional Values:

Calories     – 419

Cholesterol –     126 mg

Total Fat   – 15.7 mg

Main Ingredients Required:

Cake flour with a quantity of 2 cups

magnetic rings

Baking soda with 3/4th teaspoons

Salt with ½ teaspoon

Shortening with a quantity of one-quarter cup

Butter with a quantity of one-quarter cup

Sugar with one cup quantity

Three eggs

Vanilla with one and half teaspoons

Lemon extract with half teaspoon

Buttermilk with ½ cup quantity

White vinegar with a quantity of two tablespoons

Preparation or Method:

Step 1: Combine sugar and softened butter well

Step 2: Add yolks to this mix

Step 3: Sieve flour, salt, and baking soda together

Step 4: Add buttermilk and flour blend in sugar/butter mix

Step 5: Fold in egg white, by spatula and softly combine well

Step 6: Warm in a 10-inch tube pan at a temperature of 350 degrees for a duration of one hour and five minutes

2) Lemon-Cream Coconut Cake

It is one of famed desserts in the southern part of the US. This recipe is a cake that is chilled neodymium Magnet cube with a white frosting and wrapped in coconut flakes. Shredded coconut is used while covering the frosting. This cake gets frosted in just 7 minutes.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time       : 17 minutes

Total Time           : 37 minutes

Nutritional Values:

Calories           – 615

Protein             – 7 gms

Carbohydrates   – 59 gms

Fat                   – 41 gms

Potassium         – 195 mg

Sodium             – 196 mg

Cholesterol         – 162 mg

Main Ingredients Required:

Butter with a quantity of ½ tablespoon

Two cups quantity of coconut milk

Sugar with a quantity of two cups

Cornstarch with a quarter cup quantity

Vanilla with one teaspoon

Lemon extract with one teaspoon

Four big-sixed eggs

Tartar cream with one-quarter quantity of teaspoon

One-quarter cup of evaporated milk

Condensed milk with a quantity of three tablespoons

Preparation or Method:

Prepare the mix of sugar, butter, and cream and whisk it together for a duration of 4 to 5 minutes

Add lemon extracts and vanilla to the mixture

Add dry magnet bars components together with half cup milk and half cup water

Combine eggs with small quantity of lemon blend and add to the mixture

Warm till the blend ‘steams’

Displace from the oven and whisk in coconut neodymium Magnet cube and butter

Wrinkle in toasted coconut

Slice each cake horizontally in half

3) Tea Cakes

A Teacake is a soft yeasts-based sweet bun with dried fruits such as sultanas, currants, and peel. This ring magnet recipe is buttered, toasted, and is served with Tea. However, in the Europe, this recipe is served with cheese.

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